Visited Pittsburgh this week. Lovely City.

The incline up mount washington, where this picture was taken, the carnegie museum of natural history, the cathedral of learning, and the national aviary are all pretty fun. Carson street on the south side has a ton of bars ranging from modern craft beer

Jerusalem again, under snow. Stunning.

It is wonderful and it is a great piece of history, but please let’s not make this political. We’re here to appreciate the architecture and landscapes of cities and all they have to offer. I don’t mean to be offensive in anyway, but this

The Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland

This is right in the centre of the Capital city FriscoGiant, this shit’s in high demand. Here’s a quick (ha) breakdown: The main street from the Castle to the Palace is all commerce at ground level, tones of tourist tat shops, mostly owned by

Chicago at night

That Century of extreme corruption however ridiculous produced the most beautiful skyline and most pleasant business district I’ve ever set foot in. One of the most well organized, and surprisingly generally well-run cities. Yeah, its like 15th worst for murder rate, its not a

A Panorama of New York City

Boston may be close, but only because the land area is tiny for a city (some 50 sq. mi.). Even there though, East Boston (by the airport) is heavily suburban, and portions of North and South Boston are urban-suburban – much more dense than

Big Ben on a nice day, London

Geo-engineering is very real and not secret. It is also an umbrella term. The closest thing to chemtrails(going by the popular definition of particulate metals being sprayed into the air and taking on the appearance of long white trails in the sky), “Solar Radiation

Shenzen, China

I’m a high school senior here in the states, but I lived in China for the first eight years of my life. And I can tell you, from the two visits I’ve had back to the country that it is incredible and saddening –

Chinatown, New York

Obviously we are using population and size as a metric. But fine, we can compare only neighborhoods/enclaves called Chinatowns as well. >[**Chinatown, Manhattan** (simplified Chinese: 纽约华埠; traditional Chinese: 紐約華埠; pinyin: Niŭyuē Huá Bù), **home to the largest enclave of Chinese people in the Western

Urban density in Vancouver, Canada

I get all your points. And I dont necessarily disagree with you (so even if i *sound* annoying and combative, I *really* dont mean to come across that way)….. I’m just saying the reality is not so rosy. >But there’s a ton of existing

Boston in full bloom. A ripe peach.

Good timing on this question. As of [two days ago]( it had not yet melted, but in the past few hours reports have come out that it has, in fact, melted [today]( I live in Boston and I’ve been using my air conditioner for

Dubai Marina by Vinaya Mohan.

Did you just say the guardian, bbc, the independent, and vice are “highly sensational”? we are talking about extremely well respected, highly professional journalists and researchers who were there within the last five years. Please point out exactly which are sensationalist, as which are

Chicago City Hall’s Green Roof

The TV show ‘Boss’ had some really, really spectacularly photographed scenes that took place there. The juxtaposition of someone walking amongst a garden 40 stories up in the air against skyscrapers is a really stunning image. Couldn’t find any screencaps or YouTube clips, but

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is tough to shoot like this at night, because they shut down the road that let’s you get up to this vantage point, Since you have to walk a couple miles in total darkness, it’s kinda creepy. Finally I found some people to trek up here with me.

Glad you asked 🙂 I went to a friend of mine James Cavern’s show in SF at the boom boom room, and had another friend Micah with me who was visiting with me from Wisconsin, I lived in Sacramento. Micah had a lifelong crush

Swimmable Skybridge, Bishan Central Condominium, Singapore

Singapore really has a thing for putting people in high places. If you’re there, I definitely recommend trying the [G-MAX]( It’s a pants-shittingly good time. For extra terror, watch the screens that show people’s expressions while you’re in the line. For a nice, calm

Noctilucent clouds over Stockholm, Sweden

It districts from the beauty of the shot. Eye pleasing landscapes often have horizontal landscapes. Others without are probably trying to accomplish dramatic effect with 45°’s. This is a beautiful picture that I’m sure you’re trying to convey beauty.

New York

I agree with you, to a degree, but I think they’re actually closer in appearance to the buildings you might see an Victorian areas of British cities. Liverpool, Leeds, parts of Manchester, and, due to the grid throughout the city centre, Glasgow all contain

Downtown Chicago

Not sure if you’re talking about this picture specifically or just the skyline in general, but that’s actually the John Hancock building in this picture. The Willis (Sears) Tower is further west and isn’t pictured here.

View of Chicago from my flight

I, for one, am from a podunk little country town. I’m not even going to mention it, currently living in the third largest city of the country, that’s a population of 180-200k. The deal is, people simply always want more. I honestly enjoyed my

City on a Hill – Seattle, Washington

Seattle has far fewer freeways than just about any major American city. For interstates there is only I-5 running north/south and I-90 running east/west making a T with I-5. Many other cities completely destroyed neighborhoods surrounding their immediate downtown area. Seattle took a hit

Dusk in New York City

Visit, don’t stay. This city has sapped every ounce of love I had for cities out of me. Now I want to go live on a farm somewhere.