New York, New York

Been there a few times. It’s incredibly dirty compared to other cities in the area like Boston (as well as cities of comparable size elsewhere), and the culture is ultra-consumeristic. Though the most annoying to me is that you can’t walk two blocks in

View on Monaco

>The state has no income tax, low business taxes, and is well known for being a tax haven. Monaco boasts the world’s highest GDP nominal per capita at $153,177, GDP PPP per capita at $132,571, and GNI per capita at $183,150. Monaco also has

Overlooking East Melbourne, Australia

I was there this year (albeit for only a week). It was a struggle to find good coffee that wasn’t too far away from South Brisbane. Managed to find a really nice one on the second last day. :/ It was hilarious, coming from

Parliament house in Canberra, Australia

>. I’m just proposing that we don’t build any more new low density suburbs. So new families should live in shithole flats or apartments instead of beautiful one-story houses with big backyards and white picket fences? I don’t agree. >I don’t know if I

Shanghai: 1990 – 2010 Where it says Art Deco District, that’s South Beach. Miami as a whole is huge. South Beach’s Art Deco buildings were only recently being reincorporated, with many being refurbished right now. You cannot judge all of Miami by your experiences in South Beach.

Havana, Cuba

I didnt say the alternative was better, but the point is America isn’t really the reason Cuba is messed up. In general colonial history sets back a lot of countries for some very valid reasons in the Caribbean. Also though the idea of Congress

Baku, Azerbaijan

[Look at the Crystal Hall too]( – they have a good amount of Oil Wealth themselves being on the Caspian Sea

Just like waves – Mexico City

I feel like every time this is posted, people’s reactions show a need for more context and perspective about the scale, density, and population of a large metropolitan area. Hopefully this post will help when it’s further reposted in the future. * Firstly, here’s

Hong Kong, China

Its a SAR (Special Administrative Region). It has its own currency, its own legal system/courts, its own social services, its own system of taxation, its own regulations regarding copyright protections, banking, trade, securities registrations, etc. Also, Hong Kongers do not really take kindly to

Anchorage, Alaska in the 1950s

Not sure on the Budweiser, but I do know that Schlitz was THE American beer of the day. Sometime in the late 60s, early 70s, they changed their recipe to cheaper ingredients, fewer hops, hoping people wouldn’t notice. They did. Same thing with a

The Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN

The only reason I’ve heard of Gatlinburg is because it comes up in Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods: > Gatlinburg is a shock to the system from whichever angle you survey it, but never more so than when you descend upon it

Hong Kong Nighttime Skyline

I’m not sure what you’re asking for. Hong Kong has a large number of innovative and interesting buildings. However, most of them are concentrated near the harbour, and you can’t see them that well from Victoria Peak since the residential towers get in the

Kings Landing. Er..Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s based on the rocks that you find around there, I believe. The roofs actually used to be a different color before the war (a more reddish tint), then when they rebuilt, they made it the more distinctive orange color.

Beautiful Times Square, NYC from Above

The street that goes from the bottom of the photo to the top is Broadway- the Squares in Manhattan are for each avenue (north-to-south street) that crosses Broadway, which is an odd diagonal street across the island. Times Square just happens to be one

New York City from above, at night.

Yep, most of the piers in the city have been repurposed for other uses, and it’s awesome that there are so many good parks and faclities along the river now. The one you’re probably looking at is [Pier 40]( (which has the large athletic

The streets of Osaka

Osaka is a fantastic city and I am extremely grateful to live here. It’s remarkably safe- most years it has a lower murder rate than Beverly Hills. It’s the kind of place where you leave your door unlocked, where you can drop your wallet

Chicago City Hall Rooftop Garden

Im wondering the same thing. Anyone happen to know? EDIT: from [here]( In 2001, a 20,300 square-foot green roof was installed atop Chicago’s City Hall as part of Mayor Daley’s Urban Heat Island Initiative. The Urban Heat Island Effect describes the higher overall temperatures

Barcelona’s astonishing geometry.

Cerdà’s original plan was to have buildings on just *two sides* of each square, and gardens and parks (to be shared by all the inhabitants of the block) in the middle. For an urban area, this would have resulted in fairly low pop. density

As the sun sets over Florence, Italy

Saw nearly this exact scene IRL…first night in Florence, after a late afternoon arrival. My friend decides to take me to the piazzale Michelangelo, I had no idea what it was, so I just followed. One of the most magical moments of my life,

Suspended monorail cutting through the city, Chiba, Japan

This is the exact same question I came here to ask, and the replies don’t seem to provide a conclusive answer so far (at the time of posting). So I turned to Google and found [this]( > Suspended monorails have the same advantages and

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

All the coastal cities have their charm, [Zadar]( the home of those wave powered organs), [Split]( My town, guarded by mountains was founded when the only emperor of Rome that managed to retire without getting assassinated(Diocletian) built himself a palace at around 300 a.d.


>And it has taken more time, capital, and resources than buildings of it’s equal by a magnitude more. You either have no familiarity with the site or don’t know what you’re talking about. There aren’t any buildings equal to the construction that took place

From the rail yard. Salt Lake City, Utah

I have only been to Salt Lake City once. During that time, I got to wait for a train like this one to pass by. It took about fifteen minutes, and was exceedingly pleasant — mostly because of that backdrop!

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

i’m sure its worth a lot, but it makes me laugh to hear you suggest that they “simply expand the city”. look here:,-43.2221092,1629m/data=!3m1!1e3 look at the race track in google maps. then zoom out. zoom out again. zoom out again.zoom out again. zoom