Hong Kong

Well continuing on that train of thought, it’s only recently games actually could bother with proper lighting, before they used cheap tricks to make [scenes](http://www.ps2vicio.com/imagenes1/PS2/Burnout_Revenge/burnout_revenge_47.jpg) completely [brown](http://media.gtanet.com/images/5482-gta-iv-pc-screenshot.jpg) because it [tricks our eyes](http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/PhilRA/20090606/84228/Why_quotNextGen_Gamesquot_Went_Gray_Brown_And_Grey.php). So now we might be associating “brown muddy lighting” with “next gen

Pyongyang, North Korea, Sunrise

And sensationalism sells. For the media it’s easier to sell a “DOOOOOOMED!” story than something about NK wedding couples in a park. Most people want to hear bad stories about NK, others actually need those stories. It’s kind of tragic to hear Japanese politicians

On the Rooftops of Florence

I loved ACII and Brotherhood so much — Nothing since has lived up to the standard of those two. I lived in Istanbul for a year and I know the city really well, so Revelations was a huge disappointment. Nothing since then has even

Manhattan seen from a helicopter.

This shows scale much better, and is simply more visually appealing than any aerial shot of the city I’ve seen so far, with the possible exception of a tilt shift image posted here. The view down Central Park is fantastic, and it effectively shows

Flatiron Building – The Innovator

This picture can be framed quite well as either a horizontal city shot or a vertical architecture shot — with pretty minimal work — just zooming in with a cell. The horizontal is a tiny bit more difficult — place the main building about

The “blue” city of Chefchaouen, Morocco

When I was there the locals told me that historically the city had a large Jewish population and that they came up with the idea for painting the city blue because looking at blue buildings is calming and makes you feel cooler in the

New York (USA)

NYC is actually a good deal warmer than Boston or Chicago too. DC is slightly warmer in the winter (but not much) but hotter still in the summertime. That said there are plenty of large (or large-ish) US cities with nicer weather than NYC.

Wroclaw, Poland

I agree on it being best bang for your buck. The cities are as beautiful as any in Europe, Krakow especially. In Krakow, being awake at 6 in the morning in Spring, with deserted streets, all the beautiful buildings and old city walls cast

New York City

How do they plan on selling that. It took 10 years to sell out the Trump in Chicago with considerably less floors at an average of 36M. Not to mention it is one of two supertalls with $80M+ condos for sale. Are there really

Tehran, Iran

Iran probably has the friendliest people I’ve come across anywhere in the world and crime isn’t really much worse than anywhere else. I felt as safe in Tehran as I do here in England most of the time(though we have our bad neighbourhoods too

Seattle: The Emerald City

For those unfamiliar, the water in the foreground is Lake Union, back left is Lake Washington, and back right is Puget Sound. The highway running over Lake Union is interstate 5. The big pointy thing with show is Mt Rainier. Edit: if you use

Mogadishu before the Somali Civil War

/u/leidend22 > Underplaying the US’s role in the middle east is mind boggling. It’s not “probably,” the US is the single biggest reason why the middle east is the way it is today. There is no other country that meddles with the rest of

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reality check: even though they live there, a lot of people are still afraid to park along an unprotected canal. (Most have at least low concrete blocks preventing you from driving in unless you really floor it.). Also, many people living here don’t own

Los Angeles from afar

I never want to live in Los Angeles again. 15 years was enough. I am glad I did live there but I honestly would never go back. It was fun and exciting during my college years and into my 20s. But now I’m glad

Aerial View of New York City

It’s not even in the shot. It’s some 4-5 five blocks north of 30 Rock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipstick_Building. Saying that, may be you’re referring the one in the left bottom of the photo (on Madison I guess) as lipstick building. I don’t know what that building

Tokyo, Japan. As far as the eye can see from the sky

Antarctica and Australia account for about 15%. Taiga, which would pretty well cover your Russia, Northern Canada and other areas, accounts for about 11%. The Sahara’s about 6%. The Himalayas are less than 1%. That’s 33%. Less, considering there is some percentage of agriculture

Alexandria, Egypt

I think part of it would have had to do with adding additional lanes. If you look at it on Google Maps (31.234954,29.948987; Stanley Bridge Fleming, Qism El-Raml, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt) It is a part of a very wide highway. In some ways this

Malé, capital city of Maldives, world’s lowest country

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effect_of_the_2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake_on_the_Maldives >In the Maldives, 88 people were killed and 24 reported missing and presumed dead after it was hit by a tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December 2004.[1] Two-thirds of the capital city Malé was flooded during the

Central Park, New York

In Paris’ case, they practically are. Paris kind of has a binary star to Manhattan’s single star. The nearest edge of Central Park is about 4.5 miles from the Financial District and about 4.5 miles from Inwood. In a sort of reverse, 4.5 miles

a different side of Tokyo, Japan

Nope, you can only enter on [2nd of Janurary](http://www.kunaicho.go.jp/e-event/sanga01.html). I’ve only been to the “old” [imperial palace in Kyoto](http://www.kunaicho.go.jp/e-event/kyotogosho.html) [you have to apply for entry during other times].

Knaresborough, England

Well, it’s the general attitude of the inhabitants to be honest. For an example – Me and a workmate was doing some renovation work at a Supermarket in Ilkley. It got to break-time and we were thinking of where to go for a cup