Seattle from Gas Works Park

Even if it is terribly tourist-esque behavior…. renting kayaks and paddling around Lake Union was a great experience. I am still obsessed with the houseboat communities there… From a kayak you get a nice perspective. (Can’t find a great photo to post here… But

Boston, just follow the Red Brick Road.

It’s a view of the western part of the Back Bay down Beacon Street from the Kenmore Sq area. Possible the intersection of Beacon St and Bay State Rd. Looking almost directly east. The photographer was positioned cleverly: you can’t even tell there’s an

Tokyo (Japan)

Japan has a low fertility rate of 1.44 births per woman (well below the rate of 2.1 needed for population growth). This is mainly down to the ‘hard work’ culture of Japan that makes it hard for families to handle both work and children,

Calgary, Canada. Tonight’s sunset.

You’ve identified the only two parts of the city that have any life in them over the weekend (and even then, it’s only “alive” in the sense that people are getting wasted). That’s a very small portion of the downtown area, too – basically

Vancouver, Canada from above

I’m an islander and I spent a few summers working in Vancouver. One summer I was based out of UBC and lived in Kits, the other I was working in the DTES and lived near Brentwood Town Centre. I feel like I’ve seen a

The waterfront in Porto, Portugal

My wife and I boarded a boat tour for a sunset ride. There was no one on the boat except us, a Portuguese couple, and the captain, so it was going to be a quiet romantic tour. Then two minutes before leaving shore about

Paris –

This must have been taken from the towers of [Notre-Dame]( The illuminated building near the horizon, at the right of the picture, is the [Sacré-Cœur](,_Paris) atop [Montmartre]( The church that sands out in the middle ground, somewhat to the right, is [Saint-Eustache](,_Paris). Somewhat to

A Snowy Winter Day in Times Square, New York City

Yup, it wasn’t that bad, which was good for photography. This photo was taken with a manual focus lens. The best part about Times Square is how rhythmic it is re: pedestrians crossing the street. It was just a matter of focusing and waiting

Manarola, Italy, photographed by Ilhan Eroglu

You can tell because it is absolutely impossible that the stairs on the bottom-left are not totally white if the buildings that are in the shade are clearly visible. There was a big sun shining on this, a single shot would have had dark

Leipzig, Germany

Had the supreme pleasure of studying here for 3 months. Some of the most surreal moments of my life took place in those streets, including one not too far away from these streets, on a small spit of rocks reaching out into the Markleeberger

Moscow, Russia

Aha, but take in consideration that Moscow has 15.000.000 inhabitants and is the capital of one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world. And how about the ever so increasing service sector in Russia. You bet there is demand.

Norilsk, an industrial city in Siberia, Russia

Moscow and St. Petersburg (European Russia) were polished up. But not everyone lived like that. I have a friend who had a Russian “grandma” that overstayed her tourist visa to Moscow that recently died (yeah, you needed a visa to travel within the country).

A rare snowfall in Madrid, Spain

Yeah, it’s from 2010 I believe. I’ve lived here for a year and a half now and only saw a single dusting of snow—gone in like 3 hours—last April. It’s weird though, because it rains like crazy in the fall and the spring, and

Unalaska, Alaska

Interestingly, the initial spread of Russian Orthodoxy in America is firmly rooted as going through Alaska into the rest of the USA. [Read more here]( [Here is a link to the Diocese of Alaska]( I am not able to find a decent number for

Golden Chicago

Ya, that will be interesting for sure. It will give the whole city a different look. A part of wacker has them in already and it’s interesting to see the color shift between the yellow and the white.

Chicago, The City of Big Shoulders, From Above >Writer Bill Finger, on the naming of the city and the reason for changing Batman’s locale from New York City to a fictional city said, “Originally I was going to call Gotham City ‘Civic City.’ Then I tried ‘Capital City,’ then ‘Coast

Zhouzhuang, China

What are you talking about? Noble savages? Move Zhou Zhuang? Value preserving ruins more than people? Are you responding to the right post? I was just noting that it is a popular trend for rich Chinese to buy the old architecture and move it

The Grand Canal in Venice

If you’ve ever been to Venice you’d know tourists are a problem. [Cruise]( [ships]( do travel to Venice and the main streets are clogged 24/7 with tourists. Despite the revenue most of the Venetians [aren’t]( [very happy]( [about it]( When trveling across Europe I