Yee Peng Festival 2013, Thailand

The paper is but the remnants usually just lie there on the ground or in the trees and there’s usually nobody to clean them up (in Poland). Birds and other animals often try to eat the wires and are badly injured and die. Source:

Snowy Calgary, Canada (OS)

>Why is it that there is skyscrapers and highrises so bunched up together, when it seems that something that is 20 minutes walking could get you to a completely open unused lot? Why are people bunching up together and building up over there? A

Amazing night scene from Dresden, Germany

more natural colors in a photo from wikipedia: and also this one: of the church in the background. The colors are different but not as much as one would expect. Been there several times, it’s amazing.

Melbourne from far away, Australia

I live in Sydney myself, and I really don’t find it to be all that visually appealing beyond the iconic landmarks. The city itself is actually quite small, and not to mention that the roads and streets are quite a mess, given that Sydney

Brooklyn meshing into the Manhattan sunset

I have determined that [this building](https:[email protected],-73.9684726,3a,75y,260.03h,99.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1saO3NvPVOqTGIC2v_WGHyTQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en) is the ugly brick one on the left side of the frame. If you pan slightly right, you can see the very nice ornamented building just to its left in the picture (this is a school). Also, given

Hong Kong sunset from my living room

I actually haven’t found IT work in Japan yet, I’m teaching English for an eikaiwa. The pay isn’t much compared to what my luckier classmates from college are pulling in, but on the other hand they hate their jobs. I love my job and

Rome, Italy

> You’re talking about the Vittorio Emanuele monument when you say Alare della Patria right? Correct. And I agree that something just seems confusing about the distance in this picture, which makes it very hard to pinpoint the photographer’s location. See, my thought is

Seattle, from far far away

Safe, yes. Affordable, yes if you have a job. Just be aware that it’s dark and cloudy for winter. Like, for reals. But spring + summer are just beautiful times to be alive in Seattle.

Dubai, UAE, looks like driving through a futuristic city!

> One built almost entirely from modern-day slavery. Although slavery does occur in Dubai, like it sadly does in most countries of the world, [it is actually pretty rare]( There are certainly not enough to have built the city, or even a tiny portion

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Grew up in southern Colorado and spent a lot of time in New Mexico. I’d say you’re pretty much right. OP’s photo has the colors in the wrong places, he clearly pushed it too far, but I didn’t immediately notice because the desert sunset

Ronda, Spain

That’s why you should really stay in Gypsie-free zones. Gypsies are very territorial and a single clan only occupies two acres, usually out of cities. At worst you can repel them with a Cross. It is believed Gypsies are in fact saracens from Egypt

Paris, France

A warning about going to museums in Europe during autumn, many places will be closed or have limited hours. I was told a lot of places do this after the big summer rush to help with building maintenance and/or make sure the pieces are

Cape Town, South Africa. Viewed from the top of

Well compared to NYC (where I see you live) it’s nowhere near as “bustling”. I’d say it’s more like West Coast US. It’s got a very hipster vibe, so there’s tonnes of coffee shops and bars – the nightlife is great. But it’s not

Moscow, Russia

[Sorry, I just noticed I replied to the wrong message here — this was meant for anonim1230. you and I are on the same page] Nope, Urban Planning 101 – the more roads you create, the more traffic you create. Basically, adding a lane

Warsaw, Poland

It’s the palace of culture and science. It was built by the soviets very shortly after their rule in Poland began. Construction on it had actually finished before much of Warsaw had been rebuilt. [Here](’s a photo. Edit: it’s also noteworthy that a lot

Rain soaked London

I was doing some work on comparing local climates of cities last year, it surprised me to see that London isn’t as wet as it has a reputation for being! 591mm of rain per year, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona all get more (649,mm 804mm,


Currently reading Xenocide after watching Ender’s Game. Love this series, but school’s getting in the way of reading. I didn’t realize Trondheim was a real place, but then Card tends to refer to real names and places in his books, e.g. the world of

Wide angle of Brussels, Belgium

Hahaha. reddit *can* be great, yeah. Anyways, i took a tonne of photos, on my 3 month vacation throughout Europe and thought about posting some stuff in this subreddit (a long time fav of mine), but figured they’d be downvoted due to me not

Grid system from Barcelona

I live in Prague and it’s basically the norm here. All buildings are around 5 – 6 floors high with these massive courtyards in the middle. Unfortunately, they’re completely under-utilized. Imagine 6 or 8 buildings contribute to the courtyard, but all retain their own

Rooftop Soccer Stadium in Tokyo

The HDR is definitely making things look grimier. It’s a very clean city given the number of people that live there. But I agree, Tokyo does not have a single “vision” for how things should look, which leads to a lot of clutter and

Early morning in St. Petersburg, Russia

You know how cameras work, right? Checking your submissions and seeing a ton of auto setting looking shots I’ll assume no. I’ve been to SPB, more or less it does look like this not long after the ice melts. Also, the water is relatively

Downtown Kansas City

The KC metro area has more highways per person per square mile than any other “big city” in the country. The sprawl is pretty amazing. But you can get anywhere in an hour or less. Traffic isn’t shit compared to other cities. The problem

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was there on that same hill I have like 50 more shots of it plus a couple of panoramas if anyone is interested! More than happy to share all of them are very hi resolution. And I kinda what outside opinions on my

San Francisco, California, USA: “Sunrise Over California Street” photographed by Rob Ray.

Source: [Sunrise Over California Street]( by [Rob Ray]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( Request for [Royalty Free License](