Those aren’t cities. THIS is a city. Tokyo.

Er, no. We design tall buildings to flex during earthquakes at two levels. One is very minor – the building sways for a while, initially absorbing some of the energy, then dispersing it over hours. At the second level, buildings permanently deform. We design

London at night

My comment was a joke and people have preferences (london is beautiful) and most cities because of geographical constraints couldn’t be designed on an effective grid if they tried. I was just pointing out that a gridded city is easier to navigate. I grew

Amazing Europe, Gdańsk, Poland

It’s customary to call a place in either the language you are speaking in, or in it’s native language. “Danzig” is in German, English has no exonym for Gdańsk, so you should use its native name. If you use “Danzig” in other language than

Early morning in Hong Kong

To get a view of the city (most of it anyway) the view from Victoria is unmatched, clearly. IMO HK has some of the most vibrant street life in the world and it’s buzzling all over the place, no matter where you look there

Bagan, Myanmar

I was there about a year ago. At the time, they were just getting working ATM’s in Yangon, I actually used one but don’t count on them. Many of the banks in Bangkok will have new (which you need) US $100 bills. Go to

Chicago and it’s lakefront

Those numbers are 2 years old, and because they are so close a few years makes a big difference. The newest census estimate for Toronto is from July 2012 and puts the population of the city proper at 2,791,140. [Here] ( is a National

The city that stole my heart-Kyoto, Japan

I have been to whole heap of countries, and absolutely love travel. Japan is 100% in the top places to visit on the planet, in my personal opinion. Lots of people may disagree with me, but I think 3 weeks is a great amount

New York City

Honestly, I like it as well. I get that it’s slightly jarring compared to the Empire State Building as well as the WTC as they are large and have big spires adorning them. For me, I really dig the simplicity of the design. I

City of London

I don’t think people understand quite why there’s the city of London and London unless they look at it from a historical perspective. There was the walled city built by the Romans which up until about the 17th and 18th century constituted much of

Early Morning in Hong Kong

well heres the thing. That pic looks to be taken not at sunrise, but at sunset. The sunlight is behind brooklyn bridge which is to west. Sun rises over the brooklyn side of the bridge, not the manhattan side. Why else would the office

New York City at sunset as seen from the Jersey Shore

I’ve frequently flown over this point while flying up and down the Hudson River, I can indeed confirm that this is what it looks like, I’ll find a picture from my flight to confirm. edit: [Found it!]( This photo is from about 1,000 feet,

Spring rain in the French Quarter, New Orleans.

Why would anyone want that? What makes New Orleans so cool is the strange mix of unique neighborhoods. New Orleans would not be the same without [Uptown]( and the [Lakefront]( as well.

Prague in Winter

Man I loved Prague when I went 10 years ago. So pretty, great food, awesome people and fabulous beer. For some random guy from the U.S. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first time off of North America.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

I’ve lived in Turkey the past year and make frequent trips to Istanbul (I’m actually there right now). Learn to ignore people without feeling like a dick, but also know that sometimes the people who are aggressively trying to get your attention may actually

Saigon, Vietnam

Never heard of anyone calling it HCMC. Yes Saigon can be referred as both District 1 and the city. If you are going to District 1 then you simply say Saigon. If you are somewhere else like Nha Trang or Ha Noi it’s more

San Francisco.

Why? The foundation of the house has to be straight, perpendicular to the center of the Earth. When building the house, they take the lowest point of the house (in this case, the right side of the house) and dig through the side of

IRL Sim City, Vancouver from earlier this week

Lived in Vancouver a few years now, and this is very true. The school of architecture here is known as [Vancouverism]( We have strict standards to preserve “view corridors” to the surrounding mountains and ocean, along with strict environmental standards for each structure to

A rain-soaked street in east London

In much of the non-suburb parts of London, residents don’t own cars either because they can’t afford to (with accommodation costs being high) or because they choose not to. They rely on public transport or walking or cycling. That means there isn’t the overwhelming
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