Berlin is powering up its gigantic Tesla coil

“One one thousand…two one thousand…three one-” BOOOOM “Bloody hellfire!” Colin roared as he twisted the dials on the side of the PK Meter. “Over 9000 on the psionic index!!” “Ja, he’s definitely getting better with ze hammer!” Klaus yelled over the continuing crashes of


I hate how the Eiffeltower falls over before the shockwave. **EDIT** I can’t believe you’re downvoting (disagreeing) with me and upvoting (agreeing) with the guy below me.. did you lot even use your eyes? The Eiffeltower falls BEFORE the shockwave. And don’t give me

Ancient Athens (drawing)

problem is that slums don’t tend to leave as great a archaeological record as normal buildings. The building materials tend to get re-used generation to generation. Hard to reconstruct them as a result. Also, bear in mind that as a City State, what was

The moon rises behind the skyline and financial district in Toronto on November 25, 2015; Mark Blinch

Yeah, that looks legit. I’ve gotten shots like [this]( and [this]( in San Diego, from a long distance (like across the bay) using a telephoto lens. On November 25, I noticed that the full moon was as orange as it looks in this shot

Toronto Skyline.

This is an old pic too, [here]( is a newer one. And [here]( is the [future]( (all those buildings are either under construction or in the final stages of approval)

The narrow streets of Stockholm, Sweden

I haven’t tried Aifur myself, but it’s worth noting that there’s been some controversy around the restaurant and its owner [E-Type]( recently. When hiphop artist [Petter]( opened his restaurant [Käk](http://kä a while back a debate started around why more restaurant-owning celebrities didn’t do like

Moscow, Russia

Then you’d like the new anti-advertisement campaign the city is launching. It gets less restrictive the further from the center you go but it still takes care of some of the major issues. Second, dirty. It’s really not that dirty unless it’s April or

Looking over Seattle in 1968

The proposal by the Mayor of Seattle and Governor of Washington was to have I-5 go underground at the cliff-face by Jackson st [here](,-122.320282&ll=47.598871,-122.31843&spn=0.016726,0.030856&num=1&t=p&z=15), following underground at roughly Broadway, until just past Mercer St [roughly here](,-122.326805&ll=47.62676,-122.324224&spn=0.016718,0.030856&num=1&t=p&z=15) where it would rejoin what actually got built.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is known to have smog in the winter. Here is a couple of links about the issue. [“Bergen is being choked by pollution”]( [Here you see that it’s a regular occurence](

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam

I rented a scooter in Hanoi after riding on a moto taxi one time. The traffic seems crazy at first… but given the level of craziness I’d rather be in control than someone else. Once you get going, it’s not actually that bad. Downtown

Bern, capital of Switzerland

15 days, losing some of that time due to travel. Starting in Rome and heading up to Zurich for a flight to Dublin. 3 days in Rome. 1 day heading up through Tuscany up to Pisa (I know, totally rushing through here). Next day,

Quebec City, Canada

Ha I used to work at a restaurant pictured there, right behind the boat the building with a red roof that’s closer to the river. Btw to all tourists, I’d recommend you eat in restaurants outside Old Québec. The area suffers from the same

Hamburg City Corner

[Yes, it does.](,+Italy/@45.4371566,12.3344183,3a,75y,233.77h,88.42t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1skWqQWm4xUBnY830haBHtbQ!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x477eb1daf1d63d89:0x7ba3c6f0bd92102f!6m1!1e1) [The River Thames in London has been partially done too.](,-0.1216636,3a,75y,156.39h,95.78t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfntMJvwL_AdZEld2SupCGA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656) [As has Niagara Falls.](,-79.0729085,3a,75y,59.15h,87.71t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s7_K2ZaYX3ShzKVhGzxtT3A!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656)

Frankfurt, Germany

Berlin – old, beautiful buildings, parks, and landmarks, fashionable cafes, hipsters and startups. Frankfurt – skyscrapers, businessmen in suits, the other banking capital of Europe, coupled with a huge airport for trans-European flights. Of course these are German cities so they are both very

Snowy Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It’s an interesting example of urban planning. There aren’t many shops so it’s quiet during the daytime when everyone’s at work/school. It’s not desolate in a spooky way, just a sleepy one. You have to walk/cycle over the bridge to the “mainland” to do

Yangon, Myanmar

Based on my experience from about 6-7 years ago, Burma/Yangon had probably the friendliest people I’ve met in all of the countries I’ve visited (~50 or so) along with Laos. The internet restrictions were a non-issue as all of the internet cafes had implemented

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower

I took this picture when I was in Paris… From Montmarte I think…. And it showed the Eiffel Tower over top of all of the other buildings. It was a beautiful landscape picture, that made the Eiffel Tower look huge. Absolutely gorgeous city.

Rainy San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I lived there for a few months, probably not far from where this pic was taken. The area surrounding the Obolisco will be more picturesque like this. San Telmo, Puerto Madero, Palermo, Parque Chaz… those areas are beautiful. Outside of these areas, you get

Paris cityscape

I heard Voltaire (father of modern atheism) drowned himself in the Seine because everywhere he looked all he could hear was the Eiffel tower. Some people still believe that his last words can be heard echoing from the Seine when ever there’s a calm

Dubai, UAE in the Clouds at Night

Dubai resident here – depends on the type of property and area in question. Residential properties tend to have quite high occupancy rates, especially in the areas in this picture (Business Bay/Downtown/Dubai International Financial Centre). This is mostly down to Dubai’s economic recovery the
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