Met Rooftop View, NYC

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What a load of jibber jabber! It must be easy to work at a design firm when the customers have more money than sense. If you want to make people “aware of the act of looking” they should not have put something there to obstruct the view in the first place. Why not just allow for people to look out, why does there need to be a glass pane so that people become aware of their reflection making them think “oh right, I’m here! :D” And don’t get me started on the orientation, which I am certain will create some unbearable glare in some directions, even setting the surrounding on fire. The green walls are a nice touch, with only those they could still have a separate space for conversations without visual obstructions. Plus, people who are at these kind of rooftop events tend to get drunk and walk into stuff. Also, high risk of bird poop, or simply birds flying into it.

I could go on and on… but in a subreddit like this, there is no place for critique.

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