Mogadishu before the Somali Civil War

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> Underplaying the US’s role in the middle east is mind boggling. It’s not “probably,” the US is the single biggest reason why the middle east is the way it is today. There is no other country that meddles with the rest of the world as much as the good ol USA, and a big reason is because its own citizens are completely oblivious to it. Educate yourself.

Maybe you should educate yourself.

It’s easy to say we meddle. It’s every hipsters swan song.

The reasons are much more nuanced.

Much of the world actually wants our involvement. Just ask Syria. Or Mexico. Or Columbia. Or half the countries in Africa. Or Taiwan. Or The women who want to go to school in Afghanistan. Or the women who want to walk to the store without being raped in Iraq. Or gay people who don’t want to be beaten every time they leave the house in Russia.

Everyone is happy to take our global aid. They are happy to take our money. But it’s easy to say everyone hates us because a few loud mouths scream over everyone else.

Well those same loud mouths are the ones telling women they can’t drive. The same ones telling little girls they can’t go to school. Telling families they have to transport drugs for them or they’ll die.

The US has a huge role in global affairs. It’s not always a bad thing. The ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’ are not all great people who were just fucked with by the US until they broke.

> and a big reason is because its own citizens are completely oblivious to it

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not because everyone is oblivious and you are the the few that know better.

Maybe it’s because there a people with good intentions. And not everything goes perfectly.

If you think we are meddling, and you require 6 men to be witnesses to a rape or the woman gets stoned to death for fornication, you can go fuck yourself with a tractor.

But you know, that last line is just my opinion.

Maybe you think women shouldn’t be in public without covering their entire bodies including their eyes or they deserve to be raped. To you I say, I don’t give a flying fuck. Maybe you should give a little look at [this]( to educate yourself.

From Wikipedia:

> Women’s rights in Afghanistan have gradually improved in the last decade under the Karzai administration. Through different rulers such as the mujahideen and the Taliban in the later part of the 20th century, women had struggled to gain freedoms and reform a society that is primarily male dominant. Even today, violence against women in Afghanistan is high although the situation is improving as the country slowly progresses.[1]

But you’re right. The US shouldn’t be meddling. Those women shouldn’t be asking to be raped by having the audacity to show their ankles or go to school.

NOTE; And yes, I’m using ‘our’ as the United States, because I am from the US. Although I am aware that there are Redditors from around the world.

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