Moscow, Russia

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Then you’d like the new anti-advertisement campaign the city is launching. It gets less restrictive the further from the center you go but it still takes care of some of the major issues. Second, dirty. It’s really not that dirty unless it’s April or October. I’ve seen just about the same amount of trash in New York or Paris. The city is also investing in pedestrian infrastructure, which definitely clears up the city streets (landscaping, proper paving, etc). A lot of pavement on the major streets are now tiled and very pretty. There is also a large project underway of reorganizing the river shore. The architecture really could use a little clean up, the 90’s and the 60’s really did a number. One thing that I will recommend to anyone is to visit Moscow’s parks. They’re absolutely wonderful. I mean, in the end you’re totally entitled to your opinion but to claim that the only good thing in Moscow is the center is an understatement.

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