The streets of Osaka

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Osaka is a fantastic city and I am extremely grateful to live here. It’s remarkably safe- most years it has a lower murder rate than Beverly Hills. It’s the kind of place where you leave your door unlocked, where you can drop your wallet on the sidewalk and it will be returned to you. It’s also the cleanest city I have ever been to, and in all my time here I have literally not seen a single piece of trash on the train. Speaking of which, it has world class public transportation that can take you anywhere you want to go quickly and cheaply. But the main draw is that it’s simply a fun place to live- excellent food (some of the best I’ve ever had is a few minutes walk from me), great nightlife, tons to do, and a vibrant urban character that is unlike any other I have experienced. Moreover, there is a small but thriving expat community that pretty much guarantees you instant friends. It’s central location in the Kansai bay means you are never far from the cultural Mecca of Kyoto, hiking in thel Rokko mountains, or the breathtaking Miyajima islands if you ever feel like a vacation.

Besides, this isn’t exactly the most flattering picture, though I fail to see how a lively shopping street is literally “worse than commieocks.”

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