Tromso, Norway

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I can’t recall looking into that much. We live in the pacific northwest and have gone on whale-watching tours before, so it wasn’t something we sought out, really.

But the coastal areas were amazing. The weather was kind of crummy when we made it out there (mid-30s, windy, rain), but it was still breathtaking.

We went in early May, which I wouldn’t recommend. The weather was fidgety and many of the more tourist-y things were still in off-season. For example, one day it was sunny and in the low 50s, just gorgeous. The next day there were 20mph winds, heavy snow, and it was in the high 20s. It was kind of a dead period in-between winter and summer sightseeing. We still obviously had a great time, but some of the things we were interested in doing (sea kayaking, dog sledding, etc) were out of season.

The locals said it was better to come a month or two earlier or later than when we were there (mid-May).

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