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A beautiful shot of part of vancouver’s waterfront!

If I may be your tour guide…

The boat is called the sea bus. It’s part of the vancouver area transit system and is a cheap & fun way of getting great views of the waterfront.

The large pier with sails is the original convention center. That’s where the cruise ships dock and then many tourists pour down the streets to the left into the historical [gastown district](

On the far right is the new convention center, with big glass windows and a [green roof covered in grass and plants](

The [seawall]( is a cycling and pedestrian only trail that runs along the water. It starts at the convention center and continues off to the right on an epic journey for 22k (13.7 miles)…

_…past the glass towers and moored yachts in coal harbour…around stanley park under the lion’s gate bridge and on to english bay…along the “bottom” edge of the downtown peninsula past yaletown’s david lam park…around false creek, past science world and granville island…around kite park on the point, and finally ending at kits beach._

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