Venice, Italy

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Sure, mentioning that would’ve helped as my initial comment would’ve been shorter. But no, it doesn’t help make you right.

Is it a perfect image? Perhaps not. Does that mean it’s not a lovely picture that portrays a fairly accurate scene? No. As I said, I was there – back in May to be specific. This is an accurate portrayal of the scene I recollect from when I walked across that very bridge several times of the course of three days.

Photography is an art form. Don’t like the artists style? No problem. But that doesn’t mean it’s not done well to the artist’s tastes or his/her viewers.


What I was referring to in terms of “well done” is that I don’t believe the photographer over saturated the image or manipulated the scene all that far beyond what’s realistic, like many do with HDR images. As per your link, TL;DR – I’ll assume you know what tone mapping is.

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