View from Sirocco State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

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Er..nothing really exciting. Lots of diamond cutting takes place in Bombay and Calcutta, and the industry seems to have its seedy side full of oily “businessmen”. A couple of them were hanging out on one of the terraces at Sirocco, and started macking on my girlfriend while I was getting drinks.

She was being politely amused by the whole thing, and when I returned, one of the Indians, although a bit taken aback by my arrival, visible had some kind of “oh, she has a boyfriend, let me readjust my approach…thinking…thinking…nope, keep on hitting on her” process in his head. So both girlfriend and I kept up a smiling, nodding, oh-isn’t-that-nice, [do tell us more about your business acumen]( “conversation” with the idiot.

It was pretty funny. The guy seemed to be utterly oblivious, although he got bonus points for shameless perseverance. You can replace “Sirocco”, “Bangkok”, and “slimy Indian diamond merchants” with ““, ““, and “” here.

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